the worst meal ive had

I went to the swan in Newport pagnall and it was the worst meal and worse serives I’ve every had. I walked in and you had to wait at the door to be seated. I was waiting there for about 10-15 minutes and the waitress came over looked at the computer by the desk. I was standing by and she looked at me then just walked away from us so I decided to wait a little longer the same waitress came back over and went to walk away again without either speaking to us so as she was walking a way I said loudly” excuse me I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes to be seat”. she look behind her and the carry’s on walking like she heard me and just didn’t want to do her job. I walked over to the bar and asked to be seated and explain what had happened I sat down finally at my table another waiter came over and we ordered our food. It took another hour to get to our table when the food came out it was cold, not cooked thoroughly. The chips were still a little frozen inside which was horrible and when I complain to the waitress she said she will be back to sort it she never came back. when it  came to paying we explain that she hadn’t come back to sort our cold food out but when they spoke to the waitress she had said that she didn’t come to the table at all which mean we had to pay for the food. in my opinion we were overcharged.

Best meal I’ve had.

The best meal I’ve ever had in when I went out for dinner. It was for a family Christmas dinner and. I’ve already been driving for about two hours this was the drive up to my family. On my arrival they all came running out greeting me saying hello and being all excited because they hadn’t seen me since my brothers birthday which was six months ago. Anyway back to the meal we went out to the weather spoons and as always I order the 10oz rump steak cook medium to well done and it only got them about 20 minutes to cook and bring all the food out which is really good services then I had some of my steak and I’m pretty sure that it was the best thing I had ever eaten in my whole life it was tender but slightly chewy cooked to perfection,  The chips were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside it just made my mouth melt.